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We understand that every business is unique. That’s why our tailored solutions are customized to your business needs. We use our expertise and knowledge of the energy industry to analyse your business energy bills. As well as analysing consumption we look at the equipment in use at each site, the timings of energy usage. We can even look at seasonal usage and find tailored solutions optimum for your business. After we assess the energy side we look at other unique requirements you may have such as consolidated billing, Budget Direct debits and payment solutions. Once energy is priced and secured another important part of business is to have easier managements systems in place with one login for multi sites. Reporting systems to keep a track of usage. We can take care of setting up all of this for your business.

Why Choose Compare Today?

At Compare Today, our in-depth understanding of the commercial gas and electricity industry and our constant monitoring of market prices, allow us to help our clients make informed buying decisions.

•Free, No Obligation, Price Comparison – By working with all the key UK suppliers we can provide extremely competitive prices, whilst not lowering the quality of the service you will receive. We do all the leg work for you.

•Ongoing Support & Contract Management– As part of our free service we will always remind our clients in advance of their contract renewal date to ensure they have the freedom to take advantage of new offers and do not fall foul of automatic rollovers.

•Flexible Energy Procurement - We help clients set up and manage flexible price energy purchasing, which offers greater freedom over procurement for clients who do not want to fix their entire energy purchasing decisions on one day.

•Impartial – We work independent of the energy supplier’s use in our service. Our service is impartial and unbiased.

•Experience – Our highly skilled, professional staff have worked within the Utilities industry for many years. This experience is vital in helping you to achieve the best deal for your business.

•Energy Efficiency Services – to suit all business types, sizes and budgets. Step by step guide on how to reduce your businesses energy consumption and therefore reduce your bills

•Our commitment- We pride ourselves in delivering only the highest standards of customer care.

•Group Purchasing - We can set up and manage multi-site contracts to simplify and reduce costs, if you have more than one property.

Don’t take our word for it…….see what our clients say
Free Bill Analysis
We can look at your bill and check for any errors in usage, billing, correct meter for your business type. Suppliers do make errors which can go un noticed for years.
Full Market Comparison
We use over 20 UK suppliers to search and compare tailoring it your needs.
Energy Efficiency
We request HH reports and critical energy information for your site to keep on track of energy efficiency. We can also arrange for MOP agreements. (Meter Operating Provider)
Contract Terminations
With a letter of authority we can take care of your contract terminations and also help in resolving energy queries with the supplier.
Meter Connections
We can arrange for new meter connections for your premises. We can also arrange for more efficient meters to suit your business timings and usage.
Ongoing Support
Free ongoing support throughout your journey with us. Many of our clients are overseas with their business running in UK so this is extremely useful.

Our Services

We can offer Businesses

•Choice of contracts with over 20 UK suppliers

•Competitive published and bespoke rates

•Management and control of utility cost

•Assistance with contractual and billing disputes

•Multisite management of electricity & gas contracts and consumption of more than one site or account.

•Change of Tariffs / Price Plan (reduce the cost of energy during peak consumption hours)

•Bill validation

•Installation of Smart Meter

•KVA ( Agreed Capacity) increase and reduction

•Contract termination and renewal

•Free market reports

•Green energy supply contracts

•Competitive published and 'live market' quotes

•New meter installation

•Half Hourly reports and contracts

Saved For Our Clients

You can see some of the savings we achieved for our clients and how we did these.
They range from various industries including Hotel, Multi sites, Charities and small and large business owners.

Let us show what we can do for you !
  • Savings were made by changing the meter type for this client.
  • This restaurant had a single rate meter but operating heavily in the evening.
  • We arranged the meter to be changed to a more efficient one free of charge.
  • This was a Portfolio Landlord on domestic tariff.
  • We changed the tariffs to commercial with no meter change.
  • Commercial rates were cheaper than the domestic for this landlord.
  • The savings are across 3 years on a fixed tariff.
  • This was a hotel franchise with very high usage.
  • The client wanted the best rates as they were getting high bills.
  • We switched supplier and secured far cheaper rates.
  • These savings are over their 3 years new fixed rate
  • Bespoke tender pricing was sourced.
  • Savings across the franchise chain over 3 years.
  • Savings achieved by securing the best tariffs.
  • This was a Church and happy with Current Supplier.
  • British Gas to British Gas Renewal.
  • Changed the Clients tariff only and not supplier.
  • This was for Gas Savings for the Church over 3 years.

Great Reviews by
Our Business Clients

Our clients have always trusted our expertise and advices. Here’s what they have to say about us.

No more energy headaches

Compare Today has an amazing team and they have always assisted in sourcing and arranging our energy contracts, saving us a considerable amount over the years. We don't have to spend time searching for the best prices and they also helped us increase our credit score with Experian.

Suzanna Clarke

Best decision ever

Super impressed with Sammy and her team who went beyond their working hours to secure our deals. Very professional, on time, fast communication and had far better rates than our current supplier.

Karl Baily
Golden Wines

Saved my business

These guys have incredible prices and the whole process was so smooth. They always go above and beyond for us. Not only do they secure great rates for us, they are always readily available all hours to deal with queries we have with the suppliers. Highly recommend!

Sara Jackson
Euro Traders

All perfect solutions

From serving notice to our current supplier to arranging the whole contract with the new supplier. We have a large portfolio so it was important for us to spend as little time as possible managing the sites. We wanted all our sites with one supplier with one login.
Some of our sites are in different ltd company names, so we wanted a supplier that can facilitate this. We can now view all energy reports in simple excel graphs. Compare Today has access to our supplier accounts and have taken some of the management off our hands.

Chris C
Clulow Properties

Renewing with Compare Today

Our renewal prices were coming in way too high with our current supplier. Quite surprisingly Compare today manged to renew with our current supplier on far better rates. As our systems were all set up we didn't really want to move suppliers unless we really had to. Thank You Compare Today!

Christie Dao
Happy Valley UK

Best people for me!

We first started working with Compare Today under their other brand back in 2015. They worked out the best solution for our portfolio. It was not as straight forward when we first started to change our meters. Ever since then we trust them to renew our contracts when they are due.

Bill Pollard
Pollard Property


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    OUR SOCIAL MEDIAConnect with us
    Follow us for tips on saving money and reducing energy consumption.

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